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Heitor Villa-Lobos
Prelude 3
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Fernando Sor
Variation op. 28
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Francisco Tarrega
Recuerdos de L'Alambra
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Isaac Albeniz
Alborada (tr. Gasbarroni)
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Rumores de la Caleta
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Anonimous 1200
Lauda a San Francesco
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"A true virtuoso" praises him the "SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG"; “AN EXTRAORDINARY COMMAND OF RESONANCES AND TIMBRE EFFECTS”" sentences "L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO”. From Stockholm the "SVENSKA DAGBLADET" writes, "He is a wonderful musician". From Oslo the "AFTENPOSTEN" headlines him "A MASTER OF THE GUITAR AT THE MUNCH MUSEUM".

In China Xu-Xangorium writes in "BEIJING WEEKEND", "The musician seemed to have the magic power of lifting one's soul above one's body" and "A shivering sensation along one's backbone ".

During his long activity, the Italian guitar soloist performed in many famous halls, such as in the Tchaicovski Hall of Moscow, in the Great Hall of St.Petersburg Philharmonic, in Tel-Aviv, Peking, Oslo and Stockholm, in Madrid, Rome, Athens, Munich and Hamburg.

The repertoire of the maestro Gasbarroni, is mainly based on 17th 19th and 20th centuries: Gaspar Sanz, Robert De Visées, Lodovico Roncalli, Johan Sebastian Bach, Jan Kaspar Mertz, Isaac Albeniz, Agustin Barrios Mangoré, and Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

Gasbarroni is especially appreciated and known for his interpretations of Heitor Villa-Lobos, a Brazilian composer, who died 1959.

Nevertheless, in his frequent travels in South America, critics and musicians, like Rhazes Hernàndez Lòpez and Israel Peña from Caracas, have written him "ángel de la música" and " beyond any doubt he belongs to the category of the greatest guitarists of our times". This is the opinion of many critics everywhere.

Gasbarroni began to study in Rome with G. B. Noceti and in the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, in Rome, completing his studies with Andrés Segovia and Alirio Diaz. He has taught at the Italian conservatories of Cagliari, Latina and Naples and has held many seminars, master classes and lectures in several countries in the world. Has participated in many international festivals and competitions (foreman or member). He has appeared on many radio and television networks.

Critics agree in praising the Italian virtuoso for his sensitive interpretations, for his stylistic versatility and for his technical skill. "The satisfaction that Gasbarroni gives to his listeners is beyond the power of speech to convey", praises the authoritative American musicologist George Miller.

Gasbarroni lives with his wife and two children in the country in the South of Rome.
He has given worldwide concerts:
Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Poland, Greece, Turkey.
Ex USSR: 14 tours in the area: Russia, Bielorussia, Ukraina-Krimea, Syberia, Azerbaijan, Daghestan, Kirghizistan, Moldovia, Armenia, Georgia. Baltic Repubiques (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.)
America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Perù, Chile, Bolivia, Guatemala.
Middle East: Israel, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, United Arabic Emirates.
Africa: Mediterranean and Continental Africa
Far East: China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Myanmar.
Records: Isradisc, Tel-Aviv.
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